What Zoos Can Teach Businesses About Video in Social Media


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What Zoos Can Teach Businesses About Video in Social Media

What Zoos Can Teach Businesses About Video in Social Media

Zoos can
teach small and large businesses about social media. All it takes is a look at
how zoos, many of which may be in your area, use social media to tell stories,
keep followers engaged and break news.

researching how zoos used social media to find success, we found the following:

Zoos are Masters of Storytelling

is the key to many social media and content marketing campaigns. But businesses
often don’t know how to tell a story. Zoos, on the other hand, are a great
example of storytelling and engagement.

How do zoos
tell a story?

Video is a
prominent platform. The San Francisco Zoo, like many others, make use of new
additions to their zoo to tell a story. When a new baby is born, it’s
storytelling time. YouTube seems to be the platform of choice for storytelling
because video is such an engaging platform.

A video titled “It’s a Gorilla! Baby Gorilla Update,” received 2.7 million views
and it’s a video showcasing the baby gorilla. The title keeps viewers in
suspense as they wait to see if the baby is a boy or girl.

The narrator
of the video does a good job of detailing the gorilla’s features.

can do the same with their own “babies,” or new products. When new products are
introduced, use video to showcase the product’s:

Be sure to
explain which pain points the product helps solve and why your product
is different from the competition. Storytelling is a powerful tool when
marketing on social media, so make sure to use storytelling on YouTube,
Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Showcase Weirdness and Cuteness

Zoos have an
advantage in the social media space because they can easily use the cuteness of
animals to attract social media followers. You can use a lot of different
angles to stand out:

  • Cuteness
  • Weirdness
  • Anything that makes you different

Weirdness is
a fun aspect because you can correlate it to business, too. Zoos and their weirdest animals can correlate to a business and

  • Quirky employees
  • Different approach to solving problems
  • Work ethic

Cuteness and
weirdness are best shown through images and video, and this is a key aspect of
social media. When your business has a new product or a weird, different
approach to solving a problem, showcase it on Instagram or YouTube through
videos or on other social media platforms using images.

Different is a good thing on
social media.

Followers Love When Zoos Go Live

Go Live. This
can be done on everything from Facebook to Instagram. When trying to build a
brand, going live allows you to engage with followers in an entirely new
way. Fitness enthusiasts are doing this a lot to build their brands.

Zoos have
the content – animals – which most people love.

can livestream to demonstrate how to use a product or service, or they can go
live to hold a Q&A to help customers better use their products or services.

can also give a live, behind-the-scenes look at how business is conducted. Show
a major event from your business live, or choose to bring your followers to a
company meeting live.

When you
start using video in social media, it allows for a much more personal approach
to social media that followers love. Since video is key to social media
marketing success, it makes sense to start using video today.

Every day,
over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube along, and 45% of people watch
over an hour of video on Facebook every week. When 86% of online marketers are using video, it’s important
that you are, too.

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