Finding the Balance Between Being Creative and Getting Sh*t Done


Do you lean more to the artistic or organizational side? Are you struggling to organize your creative ideas? Is it difficult for you to make time for ideas amongst all the organization and admin that you do?

As entrepreneurs, there is a constant balancing act that takes place between these two poles. On one hand you have the inspiration, ideas and free energy of your business, and on the other hand, the structure, organization and management.

Without a good mix of these it is difficult to imagine a successful business.

In this episode, we talk about just that – how to give enough energy and time to both areas. More importantly, how to do this according to your needs and personality!

During the discussion, we even help you reclaim the true meaning of ‘creativity’ so as to encompass both worlds and emphasize their dual-role in creation and production.

So come with us on this journey as we help you down the ski-slope of your business. With both feet firmly in a place and your mind as the director of each ski we are certain you can ensure a smooth ride! Tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The war between chaos and order. [0:06:10.2]
  • Making sure the big, important creative work does not fall off the list. [0:08:23.4]
  • The benefits of forcing periods for creativity. [0:13:07.2]
  • Chase’s challenge of coming back to earth from the world of ideas. [0:17:39.6]
  • Comparing the actual differences between these supposedly separate spheres. [0:24:09.1]
  • The idea of guided flexibility as a happy medium. [0:32:01.2]
  • An example of a successful musician to emphasize structured creativity. [0:35:31.3]
  • Using your intentions and needs as the third point of the triangle [0:41:32.7]
  • The inherent biases that we retain around these approaches. [0:44:17.9]
  • The strength of polarization and harnessing this through balance.  [0:49:05.2]
  • Assuming the role of director in your inner play.  [0:52:02.7]
  • Recognizing and using our internal stories as a tool. [0:55:03.2]

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