Content Strategy Planner: An Uncomplicated Guide To Simple Content Marketing: Battle the bounce. Retain more visitors with a clear system.


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(as of Jan 03,2018 12:23:21 UTC – Details)

Blog planning doesn’t have to be complicated.

Whether you’re a brand new blogger, soon-to-be blogger, or a current one looking to simplify your content for up to 12 months, the Content Strategy Planner is for you.

It includes private access to the blog planning video workshop and mini-printable workbook from GoffCreative[dot]com in addition to all the internal resources, tracking, planning, and prep for:

* Blog and reader planning and overview
* Blog content mapping strategy and tips
* [Guided] editorial content preparation for 12 months
* Email marketing overview and plan
* Editorial calendar
* Monthly personal and professional planning
* Monthly prep sheet (email, growth analysis, etc.)
* Email marketing map (the foundation for your strategy each month)
* 12 months of analytics recording (stats)
* 12 months of blog growth analysis
* Guest blogging opportunity tracking

And more…

Un-complicate the blog content planning process with this simple, guided planner that’ll walk you through every important facet of developing a strong blog to help support your business online or allow your blogging hobby to be taken seriously.

But before you buy this planner, note that it’s not for you if you have more than one blog that you manage, or if you send more than 8 emails a month to your audience. Yes, you could make it work, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

This book doesn’t linger in the past. It’s a forward-focused blog planner intended to help you do just –move forward with your blog.

So, if you’re looking for 20 pages of reflection from the previous 12 months slapped in the first part of the planner, it’s not for you either.

There’s plenty of thorough tracking, but it also won’t keep you detailing the past for hours on end.

If you want a serious blog planner with a focus on growth, preparation, and built on a high-functioning strategic process, then this planner is exactly what you’re looking for.

Buy the Content Strategy Planner now.Content Strategy Planner An Uncomplicated Guide to Simple Content Marketing Battle the Bounce Retain More Visitors with a Clear System