ClickZ’s most popular articles from January, February and March


Can you believe 2017 is almost over? Neither can we. But as it winds down, we’re reflecting on some of ClickZ‘s top articles from the past year. For the rest of the week, we’re going to share our most popular posts, the top-read from each month.

January: Top three programmatic trends in 2017

Ten days in, of course we’re going to still be thinking in terms of the year ahead. In addition to our general industry 2017 predictions, we dove a bit deeper in various categories, such as email and programmatic. And who better to tackle the latter than Daniel Surmacz, Chief Operating Officer at Polish retargeting solution RTB House?

ZenithOptimedia Programmatic Marketing Forecasts projected that programmatic would grow by 30% over the course of 2017. And given how often we check our phones (40 times a day), Daniel looked forward to a rise in programmatic cross-device campaigns. Header bidding and deep learning are the other two trends he was most excited about.

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February: You don’t need a “Growth Hacker,” just a data-driven marketer

The industry is rife with ninja rockstar growth hackers. Just check LinkedIn. But ClickZ‘s resident Googler Adam Singer points out that “growth hacking” is a vague buzzword that describes what every marketer already does.

Growth hacking often chase KPIs such as social media followings and spikes in website traffic. Instead, marketers should focus on being data-driven and using more sustainable, reliable measurement tactics to grow their businesses.

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March: The online video metric all marketers should focus on in 2017

MEC Wavemaker’s Abi Morrish made a bold prediction in March: video would account for 74% of online traffic this year, expedited by social media. Search Engine Watch Editor Rebecca Sentance heard her speak at the Content Marketing Association Digital Breakfast and left with some insights about video metrics.

Marketers often prioritize reach, which can be paid for, while engagement metrics demonstrate more value. The “magic metric” is view-through rate, which lets you know, on average, exactly where in your video the viewers drop off. In 2015, Google found that people who watched 30 seconds of a YouTube ad have 19% higher purchase intent.

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