Top 5 EmailMonks Infographics in 2017


The year is about to end! So, the Monks thought of taking a pause, stepping back and looking at the year that was. 2017 was eventful! Impressive trends, new updates and email hacks kept us busy through the year. We put up some incredible content ranging from blogs to infographics to ebooks on our website this year.

We would like to press the rewind button on our infographics, and take you through five infographics that made it to the top spot. Here’s a roundup. Hope you enjoy the ride down memory lane!

Perception of Emails

There is a vast difference between how subscribers perceive emails, and how marketers run their email campaigns. It is important for marketers to align their campaigns with the subscribers’needs to increase open rates and improve engagement. Here are tips for marketers to bridge the gap that exists.

Explore the subscriber’s perception of your emails

Holiday Email Marketing Tips & Trends 2017

Holiday Email Marketing 2017

The holiday season is one of the busiest times for the marketer. If your marketing techniques are not winning you the conversion and sales you had expected to, it is time to revise your techniques. Ten email marketing experts share their holy holiday marketing mantras to help you restructure your holiday email marketing.

Master Holiday email marketing

 Typography in Emails: Getting Best Font for Email

Typography in Emails

Choosing the right fonts for your emails is extremely important because the right fonts can help impress the audience and engage them the right way. Knowhow top brands have used fonts effectively. Monks also unleash heavenly tips that will help you choose the right fonts for your emails.

Learn the importance of typography in emails

Rich Media in Email Marketing

Rich Media in Email Marketing

Visuals have always appealed the end user and grabbed maximum attention. The modern email design has started accommodating rich visuals to attract and engage their prospects. GIFs and Cinemagraphs happen to be a visual delight, and using them in emails can improve your conversion rate. Dell saw a 103% increase in their conversion rate by using animation in their email.But you need toknow the limitations and opportunities surrounding these visual elements.

Make emails awesome with rich media

Email Design Trends for 2017

Email Design Trends 2017

We started the year by predicting the email design trends that will make it big in 2017. We studied the emails with eye-grabbing designs and had conversations with influencers of the email niche to come up with the trends for 2017. End this beautiful year by going through our predictions.

Revisit the predictions for 2017

These are not just the best performing infographics but our favourites too! For our most loved blogs of 2017, stay tuned. We will take you down memory lane again ?

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