Do You Want to Get Interviewed for More Podcasts?


Do you fear Google and its constantly changing environment?

What about the next algorithm update? Does it scare you?

Google proof your blog. Build a successful blog from the inside-out, like I mention in my eBook, by reframing your blog and business.

Focus on building relationships with human beings. Befriend fellow bloggers by helping them and asking for nothing. Chat with fellow bloggers about life away from blogging. Be kind. Be generous. Make friends. Google proof your business.

Google Proof

Let’s say Google comes out with yet another update that changes the game. Most bloggers who get most traffic and profits through Google can and do lose most traffic and profits through Google overnight. This approach is foolish because Google is a THING, not a HUMAN BEING. Human beings drive Google from design, to querying, but Google is still a thing, an inanimate object. If you based business on a thing, you fall into deep trouble. Things are fickle. Things change overnight. Things are….inanimate. No emotion. Not sentient. Just a thing. Terrible idea, basing most of your traffic and business on a thing.

But imagine if you base most of your blog traffic and business on building friendships with human beings. Imagine helping fellow bloggers by promoting them, endorsing them and by commenting genuinely on their blogs. Bonds form. Fellow blogging buddies promote you, endorse you and buy your stuff. If Google changes their algorithm, who cares? Blogging friends keep promoting you, endorsing you and buying your stuff so your traffic and profits keep growing.

Unless you change your values or your blogging buddy network changes their values, this is 99% stable, dependable, profitable, evergreen, ever-growing traffic and profits. A few humans may quit blogging. Some pass away. Some do change their values. But most will keep increasing your traffic and profits 100% independent of fickle Google.

Do you see why super successful bloggers keep helping fellow bloggers? Do you see even Google-focused bloggers like Neil Patel focus heavily on building friendships? Of course Google places a premium on genuine, generous outreach these days, but Neil is smart. No THING lasts forever, and more importantly, no human ever built a thriving, ever-expanding business on things.

Love Versus Fear

Let’s face it; many bloggers try to get Google traffic from a dominant energy of fear. Some ESL bloggers fear building bonds with and chatting with bloggers in English-speaking lands for self-conscious drivers. Some bloggers fear they need money super fast because they fear going broke, and see Google as the holy grail of traffic and profits. Some fear-ridden bloggers greedily see Google as easy money and easy traffic. These folks worship fear, worship Google, put all their energies and hopes into a thing, then get destroyed when the algorithm changes.

Meanwhile, bloggers who build generous friendships with other human bloggers simply blog from love. Love is real. Love is true. Fear, is illusion. Love is an abundant, stable, money and wealth building energy. Your friends keep making your traffic and profits grow because they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Keep helping bloggers. Be generous. Be genuine. Ask for nothing. Bond. Google proof your blogging business.

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