How to Increase Blogging Business


Why does it feel difficult to grow your blogging business?

Why do people have such a tough time building a full time income stream through blogging?

Most bloggers try to be generalists, confusing readers. Most bloggers try to offer complex, difficult to understand solutions, because most bloggers only see difficult problems. Almost all bloggers feel highly uncomfortable with receiving money, fighting, straining and striving to earn cash, versus lessening resistance and receiving smaller but ever-increasing amounts of money, to grow their blogging business.

Build your blogging business by doing simple but sometimes uncomfortable things. Wade into fear. Even if it feels scary to lower prices, to specialize and to solve simple problems with simple solutions, feel the fear and do it anyway to boost blogging profits. Big blogging business sits on the other side of fear.

Follow these 3 tips to grow your blogging business.

Target 1 Reader

Target 1 reader. See this person clearly in your mind. Profit through getting clear.

Seeing a single, targeted reader in mind simply allows you to zero in, help this person again and again, build your credibility in a single niche, gain trust and build business. People see me as a blogger who helps bloggers succeed. I do 1 thing for 1 reader. But I built up that perception by sticking to a single niche, even if my fear tempted me to niche hop, or to attempt solving multiple problems for multiple readers.

Successful bloggers do a single thing so they do that thing really well. Profit. Be a specialist by targeting one reader. Resist any temptation to be a generalist.

Solve Basic Problems

Customers and clients may appear to have complex, difficult problems, but every solution is quite simple. Observe this blog post title. People want to increase blogging business. I offer 3 simple, albeit, sometimes uncomfortable to execute solutions to business problems.

I am promoting this eBook: 10 Stupid Simple Fundamentals of Blogging

to remind you that blogging is crazy simple. Sometimes, blogging feels scary and uncomfortable, but the fundamentals remain simple. Solve simple problems readers struggle with, persistently and generously. People gradually buy your stuff and hire you as you improve your skills and scale effectively.

See the journey through. Increase your blogging business.

Get Comfortable with Receiving Money

Recently, I changed the pricing model of my blogging course for getting featured on top blogs. I went from a one time payment to a subscription model. Quickly, someone signed up. Why? I got comfortable with receiving money at an alleged lower amount versus trying to force money through an alleged higher, one time payment. I had not sold a copy months prior as I have given the course zero promoting attention, so the smaller amount beats zero, and is actually a much bigger amount than prior months. Do you see why it literally pays to lower prices, to lessen resistance to money?

Beware rigid, stiff posturing, if you have not made money through a blogging income stream in a while. Chop prices if it feels good but a bit uncomfortable. See money flow to you quickly through the stream. Get comfortable receiving money through the channel to increase blogging business because if you lessen money resistance through one channel, other channels follow suit.


All business struggles root in a frenzied, desperate, panicked, ineffective mind. Chill out. Slow down. Calm down. Big business build through your relaxed, generous, abundant action and inaction. Help people for free and be clear and routine in promoting income channels.

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