Do Not Panic As You Get Clearer with Your Blog


Fear is an interesting energy.

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Fear often arises at the split second you need to see it, to grow.

Getting clearer on your blogging direction requires leaving behind:

  • old ways of thinking
  • old ways of doing
  • old ways of feeling
  • old strategies
  • old techniques
  • anything you do from an energy of fear

Let go, to grow, right?

Does this sound freeing? Yes.

But does this feel comfortable? Of course not, sometimes.

Imagine you cease guest posting on any blog, many blogs being outside of your niche. Decide to guest post only on blogs in your niche.

Everything feels good until you note lack, limitation or slower growth somewhere, blogging-wise. Lack is appearance or illusion because abundance serves as truth. But human bloggers often panic after getting clearer and seeing the illusion of lack, sprinting back toward less clarity, comfort and regression.

In those moments nothing appears to happening after you abandoned a less clear approach, you can do 2 things: either panic and retreat toward a less clear and more difficult approach or relax, feel the fear of panic, and proceed toward a more intelligent, effective approach to see increased blogging success.

Move toward uncomfortable success. Succeed.

Do not panic.

Be easy.

Relax, calm down, slow down, trust in yourself and trust in the online business process.

Success is yours. Get clearer, ride out short lulls, be with the fear, and hug how all lack or lulls simply serves to get you clearer because lack and panic and fear serve as illusions, temporary holding patterns guaranteed to propel you toward your next stage of blogging growth.

Do Not Put Faith in Numbers

I know this feels tough at first, but do not put faith in numbers on screens.

Bloggers panic because bloggers invest full faith in:

  • traffic stats
  • profits stats
  • bank statements
  • social shares
  • blog comments

All numbers – like things – are illusions, or, not really there. The truth is: we live in abundance.

Generously help people, have fun, trust in the process, take the easy but sometimes uncomfortable path as you hone your skills and face fears. You will see increasing blogging success over the long haul.

Put Faith in Yourself

Put full faith in yourself and in your blogging abilities.

Believe in yourself. Do not panic if things seem to be moving slow.

Getting clearer shows you chose to move in the right direction for increased blogging traffic and profits. Anytime you let go lack of clarity you release feelings, actions and habits. This feels uncomfortable. Be with the discomfort even when the feeling gets triggered during a stat checking session.

See the big picture. Do not live day to day. Leave survival mode behind. Experience greater clarity, greater success and increased freedom by not panicking when fears arise.

Be Generous

Be generous. Help as many people in your niche for free as possible.

Write and submit guest posts. Broadcast live videos. Publish podcasts.

Help people for free to improve your skills and to increase your exposure.

Life gets easier if you help people for free. Life gets tougher if you do not. Unskilled bloggers with no exposure get no traffic and make no money. Skilled bloggers with massive exposure make money. But the skilled blogging crowd avoided panicking if things seemed slow during their generous campaign. Believe you are cared for. Feel loved. Trust all is well. Get clearer, position yourself to see greater blogging success then see the success.

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