How to Knife through Blogging Frustrations


“Well, I am just a blogger.”

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How many times have you heard that one meeting new bloggers or observing other bloggers? JUST a blogger.

Does this blogger feel like a fraud? You betcha. Do frauds succeed with blogging? Nope. If you fear nobody trusts you because you feel like a fraud or fake or joke, people sense that energy and respond to you with a negative response. This stuff happens on deep, subconscious levels guys. I am not talking about topical, easy to notice stuff here. We need to go much deeper to unearth dreaded Blogging Imposter Syndrome.

What Is It?

Basically, any blogger who does not feel like a blogger feels like a fraud. But it goes deeper. Any pro blogger who feels amateur hour is indeed an imposter.

At its core, any blogger who clings to this idea: “Why the hell would people trust my advice or listen to me?” believes they are an imposter.

This is not good. If you do not believe in self, readers mirror back your lack of belief to you. Like a perfect mirror, in a way, you will struggle and fail because you vibe fear, do not trust yourself, and why should people trust you if you do not trust yourself? Trust me; they will not trust you. You need to trust you before anybody trusts you….OK?

How to Solve It?

Feel your fears fueling being an imposter. I recall offering people advice 10 years ago as a newbie blogger. Someone came along, challenged me via a negative comment, and my illusion of confidence fell like a house of cards. Fear flooded through my being. What did I know? I was a broke, bum security guard? Dude was right; I am a terrible blogger. Why would anybody listen to me? Why would anybody trust me? I had no certificate or experience or degree?

Those were words-thoughts-ideas but the feelings backing these thoughts felt quite terrible. I had to feel the emotions of feeling like I lied to people, deceived them and fooled them – even though none of these feelings was true because I offered dead on, proven, successful advice – to move on from imposter syndrome.

The devil was between my ears. I faced, felt and hugged some wicked feeling emotions to clear these emotions. Once I did clear these fears I felt comfortable in my blogging skin. Plus I became more genuine because I was not trying to be anybody else; I was just being myself.

This liberated me from imposter syndrome and also slowly increased my success. People could trust me because I trusted myself. Wow! How cool, right? Success finds you because you trust you. I became more generous, helping people for free through guest posting and genuine blog commenting, all because I no longer burdened myself with the fear of being an imposter, fake or fraud.

Do you wonder why most bloggers shy away from guest posting opportunities? Most bloggers fear being outed, criticized or labeled as a fake-phony-fraud because they never face, feel and release that unpleasant fear. Avoid the fear, it stays in you, you fear being a fraud, and play small, to ensure nobody sees you are a fraud. See how that works?

My Suggestion

Feel the fear, release it then get serious about being 100% genuine in what you do. Blog your true self. I blog me. I drop curse words blogging on my blog because the real me curses offline….so why would I not curse online? DUH. Be you, then blog you, and you will leave imposter syndrome in your rear view mirror, for good. Be prepared to feel some muck then be prepared to be the real you online.

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