Why You Need to Roll with Blogging Income Fluctuations


4 years ago, when Zac reached out to me to guest post on Blogging Tips I did not see this invitation as luck.

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I generously helped people, improved my skills, and I nailed down an invite.

Unfortunately, many bloggers believe in the silly concept of luck or chance. This crowd usually does nothing to advance their blogging career because doing so would be a waste of time. Who cares? Why work? Luck or chance holds all the cards, right?

Foolishly, this luck believing crowd fills itself with so much fear that they logically believe smart, persistent practice, creating, connecting and improving your skills has nothing to do with success.

Do you see how insane this thinking is, when I break it down, step by step?

Why do bloggers believe in luck?

  • luck frees them from being responsible for their own lives
  • luck frees them from working intelligently and persistently
  • luck makes bloggers blame luck for their struggles
  • luck makes bloggers blame luck for their failures
  • luck is the reason why failing bloggers say successful bloggers succeed

Luck is the perfect blogging scapegoat because luck explains everything as chance, or, an accident.

Luck is also the worst form of insanity plaguing humanity.

Atlantic City

Last month, my wife and I visited Atlantic City to enjoy a comedy show.

We spent 20 minutes playing in the casinos for fun; silly way to drop $40, we figured.

Turns out, we won $40 and kept our gains.

But almost every person around us looked unwell. Many people were obese. Some were outright sick, gambling while being connected to oxygen tanks. Some gamblers walked on canes, whether young or old. One young lady beside us played a game so seriously you would think the world was about to end in 5 minutes.

This wave of unhappy, sick humanity believed how luck, chance and cosmic accidents would bring them wealth, success, happiness and freedom. Meanwhile, the casino owners likely bought another yacht or perhaps mansion that day, understanding how lasting business success is built on sound business principles.

Blogging and Life Are Energy and Service

Like it or not, casino owners render some service to humanity. Call it hope, or a diversion from an unhappy life, these billionaires became billionaires by embracing risk, by being abundant, and by building some useful service on sound business principles. The people gambling believe wealth is luck or chance and go broke, of course.

Successful bloggers succeed because they build their skills through practice, being success based on following sound business principles. Bloggers who believe squarely in luck or chance go broke, of course, because luck or chance does not exist.

Everything Is Your Mirror

Blogging proceeds like this: you vibe at a specific energy, act or do not act at that energy, and see your energy mirrored back to you via your blogging experience and results.

If you fear life and believe blogging is luck or chance, you get fear-filled results. If you blog with love and fun from an attitude of abundance, you get fun-feeling, lasting success over the long haul. Everything is your mirror, your reflection, that you need to honor as you progress on your blogging journey. Your results genuinely tell you all you need to know about blogging and life.

Blogging is not luck. Life is not chance.

Follow your dreams, help people generously, hone your skills and own your skills. A lifetime of fun and freedom awaits all bloggers who take control of their lives.

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