Tying Social Media Strategies Into Your SEO


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Tying Social Media Strategies Into Your SEO

Tying Social Media Strategies Into Your SEO

engine optimization and social media are connected, but most people view each
one as a separate entity. Social media can be integrated into a marketing plan
with an SEO agency if expectations are kept in line with the facts.

Social media
can be used for content promotion, but it can do so much more.

Gain Links Through Social Media

Links are
the go-to SEO strategy, but a lot of people aren’t getting links from social
media. A simple post may generate links, but everyone is posting content on
social media. The trick is that you need to get your content in front of the
right people.

If 1% of
your followers have a blog, that means that you’re trying to target 1 out of
100 people for a link.

You need
these links to get in front of:

But how?

One simple
method is to mention these targets in your post. Influencers are monitoring
posts so that they can interact with followers. If you can cite these influencers in your post or feature them in the content that you’ve
linked, you’ll often gain a lot of high-quality links in the process.

Optimize Your Content Properly

should be optimized for sharing, but many new website owners don’t understand
this. You don’t want to spam your followers, and this is what a lot of website
owners do. The owners will post their content repeatedly and wonder why their
social media strategy is not working.

You need to
engage with your audience, but more importantly, you have to focus on what
happens when a person clicks on your site.

Most people
have heard about bounce rate, and this is how many people leave your site on
the page that they enter. But Google knows that there’s more than just bounce
rates to worry about. Time on site also matters.

If people
land on your guide to widgets and spend 10 minutes on the page reading, this
can be beneficial to your SEO strategy.

How does
this relate to your social media strategy?

You can use
analytics to see which tweets gain more traction, and if people are going to a
key page on your site, you may want to tweet that page more often. Your guide
to widgets will get more clicks if you tweet using an image or video with
catchy titles.

Use these
metrics as another way to find content that can be updated to more thorough and
answer the follower’s questions.

Stop Focusing on Followers

It’s easy to
get stuck on the number of followers that you have. Perhaps you want to hit the
100,000-follower mark, but will it actually do anything for you? No. Google
doesn’t care about your follower count or fans.

Your time is
better spent on trying to reach the right people on social media.

Outreach is
intimidating, but it can get your name in front of followers. Spend your time
focusing on the right content, analyzing which content is best able to generate
links and shares.

You can also
see who shares your content, and reach out to these people if they have blogs
that can benefit your SEO in some way. Content shares can tell you if your
content is impactful or not.

If you’re
not using social media to be able to determine which content people like,
you’re missing out on the opportunity to strengthen your content and boost your

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