How to Obtain & Deliver Great Speaking Gigs


Are you looking to book some amazing speaking gigs? Do you feel like speaking at events is essential to really level up in your business? How do we go about getting into the game?

Here at Fizzle we have all felt the pull and experienced the benefit of getting on stage and sharing what we do and who we are. There are reasons why speaking and presenting have such a high reputation in the entrepreneurial world!

In this episode, we are going help you reach that next stage in your career, where you are one step closer to landing and delivering that inspiring speech at your ideal event. We’ll be looking at the ways in which you can approach securing these opportunities and then unpacking some tips and techniques to sharpen your presentation skills until they are razor sharp!

We also talk about finding your own niche in the market and choosing the approach that suits your ambitions. We cover some ideas for getting over nervousness and anxiety and also give a few examples of potential frameworks to use for your speeches.

So if this a goal in which you would like to take the next step, come with us as we give you the low down on the game of speaking!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why speaking is such a common goal for entrepreneurs. [0:04:01.2]
  • The sacrifices and commitments that are a requirement of giving talks. [0:08:08.3]
  • Landing speaking gigs through networking and relationships.  [0:16:40.5]
  • The active approaches to getting more speaking opportunities.  [0:23:48.8]
  • Pitching the result as a promotion strategy. [0:27:50.1]
  • Starting with the transformation to jumpstart your game plan. [0:32:55.4]
  • Small beginnings can grow to big successes. [0:34:01.9]
  • Introducing, expanding and summarizing as a simple framework. [0:38:58.2]
  • Putting yourself into the shoes of your ideal listener. [0:43:22.1]
  • Using teaching as a tool for persuasion. [0:46:58.7]
  • Recording yourself as a preparatory technique. [0:49:46.4]
  • And much more!

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