“I’m Being Pulled in Too Many Directions!” — How to Thrive as an Entrepreneur


Do you have numerous forces pulling you in multiple directions? Are you spread too thin to cover your bases? Is this all part of being an entrepreneur?

As business owners and go-getters, we often have many demands on our time and energy. A fair amount of these are usually self-imposed. It can be draining, derailing and disheartening to feel overwhelmed or confused by the multi-directional pull.

In this episode, we dissect exactly what it is that pulls at us and why, before breaking down how to get over this common occurrence. Having a lot to do, loads of ideas, big plans and a schedule full of meetings do not have to be a negative thing!

We also talk about the reasons that these feelings arise, the tendency towards the negative, reasonable goals and simplifying your load. All this so you can stay focused on what really matters and get your business booming!

Join us as the Fizzle team helps you find your compass, lay out your map and set off in the right direction!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Doing the work of multiple departments as one person. [0:04:59.1]
  • The tendency to focus on the parts of your work that are failing. [0:08:38.6]
  • The dangers of being spread too thin. [0:12:25.5]
  • The increase in aspirational entrepreneurship in the last decade. [0:15.50.9]
  • The underbelly of ambition and the weaknesses within strength. [0:18:39.8]
  • Getting to a reasonable amount of results to satisfy your needs. [0:24:50.2]
  • Culling the number of directions in which you are pulled. [0:29:43.7]
  • Sidestepping a default mode that can often lead you astray. [0:34:30.4]
  • Getting into a cycle of pro-action instead of reaction. [0:38:58.2]
  • Reinstating the joy of work through a process of simplification and ownership. [0:44:37.4]
  • Removing clutter from your business and cleaning out the mess. [0:46:03.2]
  • The power of exertion when it is under your control. [0:53:35.7]
  • Setting daily goals and a standard bar to put your mind at ease. [0:55:24.5]
  • And much more!

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